Logbook servicing

To keep your new vehicle warranty valid and to ensure that you are protected when out on the road, it is vital that you book your vehicle in for its scheduled logbook services.

During this inspection a qualified mechanic will work to a check list as mandated by the vehicle manufacturer and will ensure that all is working correctly before stamping the logbook.

At Rocklea Diesel we can assist customers with logbook servicing for petrol and diesel vehicles and trucks, machinery and light vehicles.

At our modern workshop, logbook services include but are not limited to: checking the oil and filter, checking brakes and brake fluid, testing the air conditioning system, lights, engine belts, hoses and spark plugs.

For more information or to book your vehicle in for logbook servicing, please call us today!


Vehicle inspections carried out by a certified and skilled mechanic, will ensure that before purchasing a second-hand vehicle or before setting off on a road trip, you will have the peace of mind that all is working as it should be.

At Rocklea Diesel, our comprehensive roadworthy and inspection services include, but are not limited to: checking the engine, cooling system, water pump, suspension, steering, fuel system, electrical systems, windscreen and so much more.

To book your vehicle in for an inspection at our workshop, please contact us today!

Steering and Suspension

At your next regularly scheduled vehicle inspection, be sure to have an accredited mechanic inspect the steering and suspension system. Vital for keeping your vehicle moving forward in a straight line, the steering and suspension system also works hard to absorbs bumps and holes in the road.

Here at Rocklea Diesel, our skilled team of eight mechanics have a wealth of experience when it comes to diagnosing and repairing faults in the steering and suspension system.

If you have been hearing abnormal noises coming from the front of your vehicle or have been experiencing violent shudders and feedback in your steering wheel, it’s important to have this looked at in a timely manner.

We can assist with the following services: Shock absorbers, springs inspection, wheel alignments, bushing replacement, power steering repairs and power steering replacements.

To book your vehicle in for an inspection, please get in touch with our friendly team today!

Clutches and Transmissions

The vehicle’s clutch and transmission system work in harmony to ensure that in either a manual or automatic vehicle, the gears can be changed smoothly when driving on the road.

However, over time and often through no fault of your own, things can go wrong inside of this complex system and is the reason why regular inspection is highly important. At Rocklea Diesel, we can inspect, repair and replace a wide range of clutch and transmission components, including: bands, torque convertor, hydraulic system, oil pump, valve body, sensors, throttle cable, seals and gaskets.

For more information or to book your vehicle in for a clutch and transmission system check-up, please get in touch with us today!

Cooling system

The vehicle’s engine works hard to power your vehicle and during operation generates an amazing amount of heat. To keep the engine temperature under control and prevent the engine from cracking or over-heating, the cooling system works hard by pumping chilled coolant through the system.

However, like all sophisticated automotive systems, the cooling system must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure all is working as it should be.

Here at Rocklea Diesel, we can assist customers with comprehensive cooling system services, including: radiator flushing and draining of the radiator, removal of rust and scale deposits, lubrication replacement of the water pump, pressure testing to check for leaks, checking of the thermostat and head gasket.

To book your vehicle in at our workshop for a cooling system inspection, please get in contact with us today!

Diagnostics and Auto Electrical

Modern light and medium vehicles come with a highly sophisticated auto electrical system, which is tasked with controlling a wide range of auto electrical components. These can include the battery, dashboard lights, central locking, air bags and ABS.

At Rocklea Diesel, our skilled mechanics can assist with inspecting your vehicle’s auto electrical system, through the use of highly technical diagnostic scan tools. This allows us to detect and repair the most common of electrical faults, in an efficient and time saving manner.

For all electronic vehicle diagnostics, testing, inspecting and repair solutions, please give our friendly team a call today!


Without brakes on your vehicle you would not be able to drive out onto the road and operate your vehicle in a safe manner. Tasked with bringing your vehicle to a halt at stop signs or red lights, the braking system is highly important.

However, over time and as your vehicle is driven around the roads of Darra and further afield, the braking system can suffer from wear and tear.

The team at Rocklea Diesel can assist with a wide range of brake services, including but not limited to: fitting new discs and pads, inspecting rotors and calipers, cleaning and lubricating, machining and so much more.

To book your vehicle in for brake inspection, repairs or replacements, please give us a call today!


If your vehicle has broken down and you need to get it to our workshop safely, we can help you out! Our friendly team can organise a tow truck to come to your location and bring your vehicle to us with the minimum of fuss. For all tow truck inquiries, please call us today!

Other Vehicle Repairs

Rocklea Diesel provide a comprehensive range of automotive services and are proud to offer customers assistance with motorcycle, caravan, trailer and agricultural equipment repairs. For all bookings or to chat with a friendly member of our team, please call us today!

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